At-Home Weddings: Advice Series

I’m excited to announce that I’ve partnered with DC wedding blog United With Love on a blog series discussing at-home wedding advice. I’ve mapped out 12 months of topics, ranging from wedding tents to lighting to permits as well as more fun things like decor and stationery.

Virginia at home wedding advice

My first installment of at-home wedding advice is an introduction to the topic of home weddings. I am discussing the two most important factors when deciding whether or not to host a wedding at home: space and budget.

I dive into the space needed for all your guests and staff, including wedding tents. Yes, tents – you may need more than one. And I broach that not-always-fun topic of wedding budgets, and how a home wedding is often the most costly option you can consider. You should thoroughly assess the cost of your at-home wedding before signing any contracts.

Virginia at home wedding advice

Photos by Katie Stoops . You can see more from this Virginia home wedding, including the wedding details, the backyard wedding ceremony, and the tented wedding reception.

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Interested in more wedding planning basics? I’ve got a planning timeline and a sample budget for at-home weddings.