Restrooms for Your Backyard Wedding

Brides and grooms always have questions about restrooms early on in their at home wedding planning process. So here is what you need to know.

You need to have a minimum of one bathroom stall per fifty guests and staff at your wedding – but more is better. Residential toilets and septic systems are not built to handle the volume of flushes that a hundred or more people would put them through over the course of a celebratory evening. And certainly you don’t want to deal with the repercussions of a flooded toilet in the middle of your reception. My advice? Lock the house doors and rent a bathroom trailer. There are truly lovely ones available. Your landscaper or florist can dress it up with potted plants or shrubs and you can put half of a tent around it to make it look even more inviting.

You should place some thoughtful amenities on the counter inside the trailer. Nice soap and lotion, coordinated with your wedding colors, is a good start. Heavyweight hand towels are always appreciated. You can also set out other little touches such as mints, Band-Aids, and bobby pins. Depending on the weather, you might include bug spray and sunscreen.

A restroom trailer will require a power source and a water source. If you do not have access to one or both of these items, you will have to go with port-a-potties.

Another restroom consideration: the staff who are setting up your tents and flooring are going to be on site, all day, for a few days. A reputable company will plan to bring their own port-a-potty to avoid having to trek into the home to use the facilities. They should arrange to have it removed before the catering set up at your event begins.

For more information on restrooms for your backyard wedding, please see page 35 in The Elegant At-Home Wedding!