At Home Weddings: Tent Floor Plans

floor plan samples for your tented wedding

Most at-home weddings require a tent, which means you will need to figure out your floor plan. Your planner, your caterer, or your tent provider can help you with this.  

Over on United With Love I recently shared lots of advice and tips on how to plan your wedding tent floor plan. I’m sharing the math behind how to layout your dinner tables as well as a reminder of the other tables you will want or need to have in your tent for your wedding reception. I also share some advice on how to save space if need be. There is a great free program called All Seated that can also help you with this. 

Here are a couple of sample tent floor plans to get you started!  Don’t miss my previous UWL posts about wedding tents and starting to plan your home wedding.

Tent Plan for 160 guests with a DJ

wedding tent floor plan sample

Tent Plan for 120 Guests and a Band

wedding tent floor plan sample

The above two tents are the same size, but they accommodate different amounts of wedding guests. If you have limited space at home for your wedding tent, you may have to compromise on other decisions. Entertainment and menu style are two things that come to mind immediately.

Interested in more wedding planning basics? I’ve got a planning timeline and a sample budget for at-home weddings.