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Weather Week Redux: Installing Your Tent

Hello friends, I am back to briefly discuss weather week, as I wanted to remind you who is setting up your tent in the rain so that you and your guests have an awesome and dry party! Much love to

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Weather Week Legalese: Force Majeure

While we are on the topic of extreme weather, let’s talk about force majeure. French for superior force, force majeure is a standard clause found in many service contracts that addresses things like acts of God that could interfere with

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Weather Week: Extreme Weather Scenarios

What if the weather forecast holds something more serious than a simple rain shower? I am talking about strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. Most tents are rated for up to 70 mph winds, but there are no guarantees. If

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Weather Week: Rain is Not the Only Concern

Rain is not the only kind of poor weather to consider when making plans for your at-home wedding. If it looks like it will be terribly hot on your wedding day, for example, make sure that your caterer is prepared

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Weather Week: What Happens When it Rains

a couple weds under a tent in their rainy backyard

If you have to implement a rain plan, I still recommend having at least two distinct places for your three wedding day events. You can double up the reception space with either the ceremony or the cocktail hour, but it

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Weather Week: Making a Plan for Your Rain Plan

a bride and groomshare their first look in their front yard under giant white umbrellas

While preparing for inclement weather will likely be the least fun part of the at-home wedding planning process, you need to be aware of, and assume responsibility for, your options if faced with unfavorable weather. If you are facing poor

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