Weather Week: Extreme Weather Scenarios

What if the weather forecast holds something more serious than a simple rain shower? I am talking about strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. Most tents are rated for up to 70 mph winds, but there are no guarantees. If dangerous weather is in the forecast for the day of your event, you and your tent provider should discuss an evacuation plan. One option for evacuation is into the house. another is into the guests’ cars. Whatever plan you decide on, please share it with the rest of the wedding team so that they can take action accordingly.

 Sometimes there is extreme weather in the days leading up to your wedding date. This may lead to last minute changes to your plans, possibly even moving your wedding to a different venue. If your tent comes down in a storm before the wedding day, mostly likely a new tent can be put up, or new equipment can be brought in. It may not be exactly what you wanted or planned for, but it will make for a great story down the road, and in the end you will still be getting married.

If you are facing extreme weather conditions it will behoove you to be prepared for a possible loss of power. My first recommendation is to make sure you charge all of your cell phones and have backup batteries available. Secondly, print out all important information –timelines, contracts, directions, guest lists, phone numbers –in case you lose access to the Internet. You may want to consider getting a larger generator or a second generator in case you need to also power your house throughout the wedding. It is also helpful to have cash on hand, as that may be the only form of payment accepted at open stores. Make sure there is gas in your car and a battery-powered radio on hand so you can stay informed.

I’m not trying to scare you, just prepare you. I encourage you to stay calm and rational, and listen to what your wedding professionals are advising you to do. You want to make the best decision that will keep you and your guests safe.