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Setting the Stage: Your Backyard Wedding Ceremony

I know that many of you will marry in a house of worship, which is a great option to pursue. But some of you will opt to get hitched right in the backyard. The wedding ceremony is the most important

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Professional Lighting for Your At Home Wedding

Lighting is one of the most crucial yet often overlooked pieces of any wedding puzzle. It is the easiest way to make your at home event look elegant and complete, and conversely, foregoing professional lighting is one of the easiest

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Protecting Your At Home Wedding with Event Insurance

Event insurance can help protect you, should something go wrong at the wedding. It’s a very small price to pay that will provide you with peace of mind when considering the very large investment you are making in your wedding

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Restrooms for Your Backyard Wedding

Brides and grooms always have questions about restrooms early on in their at home wedding planning process. So here is what you need to know. You need to have a minimum of one bathroom stall per fifty guests and staff

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An Introduction to Tents for Your Backyard Wedding

I’ll now briefly walk you through the basics of tents available for rental. Becoming familiar with this information will help you communicate with the tent company and better understand the proposals and contracts that you are given. There are five

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Flooring for Your Tented At Home Wedding

Above: brown turf looks great in a Sperry Tent Unless the ground in your yard is nearly perfectly level, and your ten-day forecast doesn’t have a drop of rain, I strongly – strongly– recommend putting in a floor sooner rather

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