Flooring for Your Tented At Home Wedding

Above: brown turf looks great in a Sperry Tent

Unless the ground in your yard is nearly perfectly level, and your ten-day forecast doesn’t have a drop of rain, I strongly – strongly– recommend putting in a floor sooner rather than later. The further you delay decisions regarding flooring, the higher the fee will be to do a rush job, and the more you may be stressed out in those final pre-wedding days. So, put your worries aside and plan ahead for your flooring.

Yards that have a slope, or grade, will require a leveled floor. This flooring has a scaffolding-like under-structure to support what will go on the floor. The structure is then topped with plywood sheets – which will be perfectly leveled.

You will chose between turf, carpet or plank wood flooring to cover the leveled floor platform. I recommend turf, which is usually half the cost of carpet or wood and still looks great. Turf comes in many colors including light brown, dark brown and black. Don’t forget to also rent a wooden dance floor. The size of the dance floor will depend on the size of your guest list and the space available in your tent.

If the yard is level, but rain is still a concern either for the week before or the day of the wedding, you may be able to get by with putting down just turf, or an unleveled floor made of plywood and turf.  Your tent will likely go up a few days before your event, so you will need to assess the weather forecast and be ready to make a decision on flooring before your tent installation is set to begin.

For more information on flooring for your backyard wedding, please see page 28 in The Elegant At-Home Wedding!

Photos courtesy of Katie Stoops Photography. Tent and flooring by Skyline Tents.

You can see the leveled floor extend towards the pond here:

at home backyard wedding ceremony reception tented Katie Stoops Photography Bellwether Events Skyline Tents leveled floor

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