A Purcellville, Virginia At-Home Wedding Ceremony

Kristyn and Eric debated about whether to host both their wedding ceremony and reception at Eric’ family property in Purcellville, Virginia. Ultimately they decided to host the ceremony there, and to celebrate afterwards at a local vineyard. Laura Ashbrook Photography created these gorgeous pictures, despite it being a slightly drab and dreary day. A property that has been in Eric’s family for generations, Kristyn and Eric will definitely cherish the memories of being able to get ready and marry there. Lynnvale Studios created the stunning and cheery florals for the wedding – I  loved this demure color palette for a September wedding. Kristyn and Eric went with a white top frame tent for the ceremony, with a few strategically placed clear sidewalls to protect their guests from the wind and drizzle. We also had about 50 white umbrellas on hand for guests to use as they got off the buses and walked to the tent.


0006_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886744475-O 0017_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886750378-O 0094_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886784656-O  0045_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886763106-O 0050_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886765113-O   0063_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886770138-O 0001_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886742847-O 0073_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886775287-O 0072_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886774169-O 0075_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886775587-O 0077_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886776792-O 0084_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886779565-O 0095_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886785059-O   0101_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886788133-O 0102_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886788915-O   0104_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886789242-O 0108_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886790945-O 0116_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886795415-O 0125_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886798708-O 0133_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886802069-O 0134_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886803755-O 0135_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886802925-O 0138_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886805006-O   0141_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886806659-O 0142_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886806769-O 0143_Kristyn_Eric_Wedding-2886808086-O

Thanks again to Laura Ashbrook Photography for these incredible photos. I rarely see such a perfect collection of wedding pictures. Kudos!

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