Wedding Planning Infographic: How to Schedule Your Wedding Morning

I hope by now you have discovered my wedding budget infographic and my wedding planning infographic, and I hope you found them to be useful! I’ve had this new wedding infographic in the works for a long time now because this is something that every single one of my clients asks me: when do I need to be finished with hair and make-up?

Why is this such a consistent question? Because the hair and make up stylists are asking them for this information long before we have begun to discuss the details of the wedding day timeline! But that is OK because there is one main detail that drives the timing of your wedding morning schedule, so it is easy to estimate. 

Are you going to do a first look?

Are you and your partner going to see each other before the ceremony with the intent of accomplishing the bulk of your group portraits before the wedding ceremony? 87% of my 2019 clients did a first look. And I do recommend that you do one! It has so many benefits: relief of anxiety; longer time for portraits with your wedding photographer; an intimate shared moment that is unforgettable; and it allows you to attend most if not all of your cocktail reception.

I know that the “walking down the aisle” moment is something many engaged couples look forward to. Well, please believe me when I say that you can still have that special moment after having a first look. That will still be an emotional memory!

But I’ll get off my soapbox about first looks now. Please check out my wedding planning infographic to help you schedule the morning of your wedding!


wedding planning infographic - wedding morning schedule

These are general guidelines that you should feel free to tweak as needed for your wedding day needs. And you should ask your hair and make up stylists if they want more than an hour to complete your hair or make up. And yes, I recommend allocating 1 hour for getting dressed. Even with the most simple wedding dresses, this is typically not a speedy task. Remember all the jewelry and accessories you’ll be putting on, your shoes, etc. And hey, if you are done early and have extra time to relax or travel to your next location, all the better!