An At-Home Wedding with Howerton+Wooten Events

I am beginning a new series on the blog today! I’ve asked my wedding planner friends from around the country to share some photos and offer their expert advice for your at-home wedding. I hope you enjoy this new feature, which I am calling “An At-Home Wedding with…” and that their diverse perspectives help you with your backyard wedding plans. First up is the delightful Kay Wooten of Howerton+Wooten Events, serving the DC metro area.

Your name: Kawania (Kay) Wooten

Your Business Name: Howerton+Wooten Events

Locations you serve: Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland

What is your biggest tip or piece of advice for couples planning a backyard wedding?

 Light wind seems pretty innocuous and it doesn’t always show up in weather reports.  If you are not prepared for it, light to medium wind can wreak havoc on your wedding reception at home.  Here are some tips –
1. Hire Professional Florists.  I have seen the sturdiest of centerpieces tip over because of a light wind.  Professional florists will plan for light wind in advance.
2. Talk through Your Wedding Venue with Your Baker.  Wind can cause wedding cakes to receive grit, so we have rented tall refrigerators to store wedding cakes until the reception begins.
3. Purchase Pretty Paperweights.  Include the purchase of pretty paperweights in your budget.  You can use them to hold down escort cards, menu cards, cocktail napkins, readings, programs, and guestbooks
4. Include Wind Repellants in Your Guest Station.  Your guest stations will more than likely have  sunscreen, wet wipes and bug spray.  Consider adding hand warmers, hair spray, eye drops and pashminas to the station.


Thanks Kay! I appreciate your contribution to the Elegant At-Home Wedding blog! To read more great advice from Kay, this time on portable restrooms, visit her blog here.