Hotel Welcome Bag Tips

Once all of the major logistical details of your wedding are attended to, you should focus on the hospitality aspect of the wedding weekend.

The first thing many of your guests will do when at the start of your wedding weekend is to check into their hotel room. You can start the weekend off on the right foot by providing a thoughtful welcome bag that guests receive upon check-in.

A customized and reusable tote bag will make a great first impression, and I recommend that you stock it with a drink, snacks, a welcome letter (handwritten is always best, if possible), and literature about local points of interest. In the photo here you see some local Virginia companies represented. I have a Pinterest board here with Maryland ideas. And while I always encourage you to showcase items local to your wedding location, I think you can also include some personal favorites, whether it is local to the area or not. If your first date was at a Tex Mex restaurant, include chips and salsa. If you both went to the same college, include a small item like a keychain from the college.

You should also include an itinerary of the wedding weekend and directions, so that guests can be aware of important details like the shuttle bus schedule and the basic timeline of the wedding weekend.