End of Night Treats for Your Guests

A huge trend right now is serving your guests a late night snack after the dinner has come and gone, and dancing is in full swing. This can be sweet, to compliment the cake or other dessert you h ave planned. Or this can be savory, like sliders and fries, or lobster rolls and kettle chips. Either way you go, make sure that it is something that is special to you and your partner. If you share a love for Krispy Kreme donuts, serve those.

When your guests depart your at-home wedding, consider surprising them with one last bit of hospitality, a final memento or token of your gratitude. If you have valet service, have the valet staff put handwritten thank you notes and a maybe also small box of homemade cookies in each car. Don’t place these in the cars until the end of the night, to avoid melted confections. If guests are departing by bus, stock it with bottled water and small bags of assorted gourmet popcorn for the ride. If many of your guests are at a particular hotel, arrange for morning-after survival kits (new slippers, Advil, eye masks and a monogrammed “do not disturb” door hanger) to be waiting in their rooms.

Sparkling photo made by Michelle Lindsay Photography.