An At-Home Wedding with Vicky Choy of Event Accomplished

Today we welcome thoughts and advice on backyard weddings from Vicky Choy, founder of Event Accomplished, an event and wedding planning company serving the metro Washington DC area. Here is how you can reach Vicky and her team, so that they can help you with your next event:
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I asked Vicky a couple questions about at-home weddings, and here is what she had to share!

What is a real anecdote from an at-home wedding that you would like to share with brides and grooms planning a similar celebration? The very first at-home wedding I ever coordinated was situated in a community where there was no street parking allowed at the bride’s parent’s home. They ended up contracting with the nearby church for use of its parking lot for their guests and then provided a shuttle bus between the church parking lot and their home.

What is your biggest tip or piece of advice for couples planning a backyard wedding? Thinking back to all the at-home weddings we were involved with, the location of the tent relative to other areas where the guests and production team might have to travel from requires a lot of consideration. At one home, the only possible tent location was at the bottom of a slope. While drainage was not an issue as it did not rain prior to the wedding, it was difficult for the guests to get into and out of the tent since they always had to go up and down that hill. At another wedding, due to the heat, we had to store the wedding cake inside the house. When it was time for the cake cutting, the path in which we had to carry the cake to the tent was a dark, bumpy, and sloped one. Scary! My advice here is to walk through your property from your guests’ and from your production team’s perspectives. Have your team come and visit your home so they can assess any issues ahead of time.

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Vicky’s pretty headshot is by Jan Michele Photography

Wedding Photo Credit: Kate Haus Photography