An At-Home Wedding with Teresa Lee of Rex and Regina

Teresa Lee, founder of Rex and Regina joins us today to share her top tips when planning a backyard wedding. Rex and Regina serves the Washington DC area and Teresa is known as an expert in entertaining and hospitality – two things that are integral to the planning of an at-home weddings. Here are the best ways to reach Teresa for help with your next event:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 703-473-4448




Here are Teresa’s thoughts on at-home weddings and what you should consider: Few venues have the ability to be so personalized and unique as one’s home. No tacky ballroom carpet to consider, no hideous banquet chairs … having an at-home wedding starts with a canvas and foundation that is already a reflection of you. While there are always limits to one can do in a particular location, the idea of starting with a space that is intimate and personal is so appealing. At-home weddings are not without their share of challenges, though, and this blog is a great resource to help you navigate those potential pitfalls. One challenge that is always on the forefront of my mind as a planner is power supply. Couples must work closely with each of their vendors to determine power supply needs and where the power will come from. You want to avoid running long lengths of cords as much as possible. If a generator is needed, remember to keep it as far away as possible as they can sometimes be noisy and the gas fumes can waft into the space (not appetizing!).

Thanks so much to contributing Teresa! I really appreciate you sharing your expert advice!

Photo credit: Bradley David with Chris Baltazar Photography