An At-Home Wedding May Not Be Your Most Economical Option

Let’s get one very important thing out of the way. My biggest — and probably most important — piece of advice is this: You cannot go into planning a formal at-home wedding thinking that it will be less expensive than using a traditional wedding venue. You should decide to host an at-home wedding because the location is beautiful and meaningful and you can’t imagine your wedding anyplace else. Seriously. A sophisticated backyard wedding is likely the most expensive kind of wedding you can have, easily costing $50,000 or more in a major metropolitan area. Why? Because in order to make your guests safe and comfortable, you will have to rent or purchase everything that a pre-existing event space already has. This includes tents, flooring, bathrooms, and generators, and much more. And if the weather turns out to be less than ideal, you will be adding marquee tents, tent walls, heaters, or fans to name just a few items, to that list, making the costs pile up significantly.

You can certainly have an economical at-home wedding. But you can also have an economical wedding at a hotel, restaurant, local park or small art gallery, while avoiding the extensive amount of planning that is required for an at-home wedding. And that extensive planning and forethought is what I am talking about. This ebook and blog is not going to talk about cut wedding costs. It’s going to explain in great detail how to turn a backyard into a space offering amenities comparable to premium wedding venues while retaining the sentimental value at-home weddings offer.

Photo courtesy of Katie Stoops Photography.