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End of Night Treats for Your Guests

A huge trend right now is serving your guests a late night snack after the dinner has come and gone, and dancing is in full swing. This can be sweet, to compliment the cake or other dessert you h ave

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Wedding Reception Hospitality

tent poles are covered in foliage where the guests will enter the reception

Time for dinner — the main event! I previously wrote about ceremony and cocktail hour hospitality, so check it out. You should consider sprucing up the entrance to the reception tent as this will be your guests’ first impression. Some

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Your At-Home Wedding: Don’t Use the Home!

Let’s talk about the house on the property where your wedding will be. As you know, I recommend renting bathrooms, and establishing an outside source of power and water for your event. In general, I take a hardline approach and

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Post-Wedding Brunch Gatherings

Weddings are no longer drive by events – they are now weekend-long functions designed to maximize quality time with your loved ones. It’s become a new tradition to plan a morning-after brunch for you to see your guests one final

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Wedding Day First Impressions

Your guests’ first interactions with your plans on your wedding day will likely will be to either take your shuttle bus, arrive at your valet station, or self-park their car in the designated area. You can easily take a little

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Hotel Welcome Bag Tips

Once all of the major logistical details of your wedding are attended to, you should focus on the hospitality aspect of the wedding weekend. The first thing many of your guests will do when at the start of your wedding

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