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Real Tent: Flooring, AC and more…

I was recently doing a walk through at Strathmore Mansion, which is a venue that I love, and I stumbled upon the skeleton of a big tent that was in the process of being taken down. I couldn’t help but

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Weather Week Redux: Installing Your Tent

Hello friends, I am back to briefly discuss weather week, as I wanted to remind you who is setting up your tent in the rain so that you and your guests have an awesome and dry party! Much love to

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Weather Week: Extreme Weather Scenarios

What if the weather forecast holds something more serious than a simple rain shower? I am talking about strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. Most tents are rated for up to 70 mph winds, but there are no guarantees. If

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Real At-Home Wedding in Virginia

This beautiful backyard wedding was featured in United with Love this week. The photos are courtesy of Ever After Visuals. The original post about the ceremony can be found here. Here are the guests gathering by the in-ground pool. The

Installations for Your Backyard Wedding

You need to have an in depth conversation with your tent company about the installation of your tent or tents. It will take at least a day and possibly up to a week to install everything, depending on a number

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Do You Need a Tent for Your At-Home Wedding?

While you do not have to have any tents at your at-home wedding, there are a number of different places where they can come in handy. Most people hosting weddings at home choose to have at least one tent. Even

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