Advice for tenting your wedding

As I mentioned last week, I’ve partnered with United With Love to bring you a monthly blog series about  planning your home wedding! My first installment was all about your backyard space and wedding budgets – super sexy, right? I know, I know, but these are the necessary first steps when planning your wedding. Once you get these details nailed down, you can start on more fun things. More specifically, I recommend moving on to booking your wedding tent!

wedding tent

This is likely going to be a big piece of your wedding budget, so it is important to figure out early on. I share all kinds of introductory information on wedding tents so that you aren’t walking into

wedding tents


Top photo by Katie Stoops. Bottom photo by Michelle Lindsay – you can see more from that Virginia wedding: wedding preparations, the poolside reception and the tented celebration.

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Wedding Advice Series: Home Weddings

I’m excited to announce that I’ve partnered with DC wedding blog United With Love on a monthly blog series discussing at-home wedding tips. I’ve mapped out 12 months of topics, ranging from wedding tents to lighting to permits as well as more fun things like decor and stationery. What topics would you like to hear from me about?

Virginia home wedding

My first installment is an introduction to the topic of home weddings, discussing the two most important factors when deciding whether or not to host a wedding at home: space and budget. I dive into the space needed for all your guests and staff, including wedding tents. And I broach that not-so-fun topic of budgets, and how a home wedding is often the most costly option you can consider.

Virginia home wedding

Photo by Katie Stoops . You can see more from this Virginia home wedding, including the wedding details, the backyard wedding ceremony and the tented wedding reception.

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Wedding Planning Infographic: How to Schedule Your Wedding Morning

I hope by now you have discovered my wedding budget infographic and my wedding planning infographic, and I hope you found them to be useful! I’ve had this new wedding infographic in the works for a long time now, because this is something that every single one of my clients asks me: when do I need to be finished with hair and make up?

Why is this such a consistent question? Because the hair and make up stylists are asking them for this information long before we have begun to discuss the details of the wedding day timeline! But that is OK because there is one main detail that drives the timing of your wedding morning schedule, so it is easy to estimate:

Are you going to do a first look?

Are you and your partner going to see each other before the ceremony with the intent of accomplishing the bulk of your group portraits before the wedding ceremony? 64% of my 2016 clients did do a first look. And I do recommend that you do one! It has so many benefits: relief of anxiety; longer time for portraits with your wedding photographer; an intimate shared moment that is unforgettable; and it allows you to attend most if not all of your cocktail reception.

I know that the “walking down the aisle” moment is something many engaged couples look forward to. Well, please believe me when I say that you can still have that special moment after having a first look. That will still be an emotional memory!

But I’ll get off my soapbox about first looks now. Please check out my wedding planning infographic to help you schedule the morning of your wedding!

Wedding Planning Infographic - Wedding Morning Schedule


Please keep in mind, these are general guidelines that you should feel free to tweak as needed for your wedding day needs. And you should check with your hair and make up stylists, to see if they want more than an hour to complete your hair or make up. And yes, you should allocate 1 hour for getting dressed. Even with the most simple wedding dresses, this is typically not a speedy task. Remember all the jewelry and accessories you’ll be putting on, your shoes, etc. And hey, if you are done early and have extra time to relax or travel to your next location, all the better!

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The advice my real clients appreciate the most – a video

I’m super excited to share with you this video, made by Bowen Films, in conjunction with The Dandelion Patch. In it I talk about what my past clients felt was the best advice or tip I shared with them during our time working together. I hope you enjoy the video!

Real Advice Most Appreciated by Real Brides & Grooms | Janice Carnevale of Bellwether Events from Bowen Films on Vimeo.

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At Home Wedding Tent Timelapse Video

Today I am sharing something that I’ve been wanting to create for my wedding clients for years – a time-lapse video of a wedding tent set up! I really wanted to show people how much work goes into these set ups so that they understand why tents “cost so much.” I wrote an extensive post about why tents cost so much  for United With Love, which you can find here.

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Clear Top Frame Tent

Featuring another gorgeous clear top frame tent used for a wedding ceremony and dinner reception in Alexandria, Virginia. Not at a private home, but at the Hotel Monaco, yet still a really pretty set up. This tent came from Classic  Party Rentals. Photos by the immensely talented Sam Hurd.


01 clear top frame tent with string lights - Bellwether Events - Sam Hurd Photography - Hotel Monaco Alexandria VA

02 clear top frame tent with string lights - Bellwether Events - Sam Hurd Photography - Hotel Monaco Alexandria VA 03 clear top frame tent with string lights - Bellwether Events - Sam Hurd Photography - Hotel Monaco Alexandria VA

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