At Home Wedding Advice: Lighting

advice for your at-home wedding: lighting

clear top frame tent with string lighting - advice for your wedding lighting

I recently shared a bunch of advice about wedding lighting when you are hosting an at-home wedding over on the awesome DC wedding blog, United With Love. I talked about lighting for your guests, lighting for your vendors, and lighting for lighting’s sake.  Some of the lighting for your at-home wedding may be utilitarian, and some will be decor driven. There is a lot to consider, and it could end up being a significant budget line item as well as a big power need, so plan early, plan often, for your at-home wedding lighting.

Your tent company may be able to provide some if not all of what you need. Otherwise, you will want to engage a professional lighting company. You can also talk to your home landscaper about what they might be able to do for you if you want to make some of the lighting permanent.

I hope you check out my advice about wedding lighting for your at-home wedding. You can also check out my past home wedding advice posts on UWL about customizing your wedding stationery, wedding tent floor plans, the fundamentals of wedding tents, and the wedding budget and guest list basics to get you started.