Pets at Your Elegant At-Home Wedding

If there are pets in the home where the wedding will be, you will want to make a plan for their care on the wedding day well in advance. Some pets are high strung and the wedding day activities will stress them out, so boarding them may be the kindest thing you can do, both for their well-being and your own peace of mind.

If you do want your pets around the home on the wedding day, I suggest that you either hire a pet sitter to be around to manage the walks and feedings through the entire day, or ask a responsible and willing family member to be in charge of those tasks.

Some folks have well-behaved pets who can be trusted to participate in the wedding ceremony. This is a great way to include those furry loved ones in your celebration. Remember to ask your florist to put together something for the leash or collar; or you can pick up some other special “attire” for the wedding.

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