An At-Home Wedding with Laura Ritchie of Events In The City

I am so excited for my third installment of this new series, “An At-Home Wedding With…” because one of my favorite DC area event planners, Laura Ritchie of Events In The City, is here to share some great advice with you!

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 The real trick to having a successful at-home wedding is truly assessing what is feasible on your particular property and how that fits into your vision for the wedding. Having a planner that understands space and logistics first and foremost will save you a lot of time, money and heartache down the road. Just because you have land doesn’t mean it works for piercing the ground with tent poles, that is has enough power, that there is water, shade, flow for guests, etc. It takes a keen eye and an expert in all of the above to see if you can really build something to create an event from the ground up.

My biggest piece of advice for all couples having a backyard wedding is to truly make sure you LOVE your home and are ready to share your space with your guests. If you have always dreamed of having your first dance under the tree your climbed as a kid, then this is the perfect reason to have your wedding there! Its not necessarily cheaper nor is it more hassle-free to have it at home, so the reasons behind keeping it there should be more of a desire than a fix for the budget.

Photograph courtesy of Katie Stoops


Thanks for bringing the great advice Laura! Make sure you {readers} check back tomorrow for a beautiful, real backyard wedding that Laura planned in Virginia.