The Author

Janice Carnevale, author of The Elegant At-Home Wedding, of Bellwether Events

Janice Carnevale is not going to write about herself in the third person, although she does sometimes talk about herself in the third person, when she is feeling precocious. I would describe myself as introverted yet outspoken. Born and raised in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC, I trekked north to Pittsburgh for college, before returning to DC to officially begin my special events career. I can remember going above and beyond when planning birthday parties for myself and my younger sister while in elementary school. I definitely took party planning to the next level in college, exploring a variety of themes and burning up more than a few blenders. My first wedding at my first job was in September of 2002. Over the following 10 years I have worked on well over 200 weddings. Bellwether Events was formed in 2006, and has produced more than 100 weddings to date. I relish the opportunity to work with diverse couples who want to design a celebration that is a personal reflection of themselves. Over the years I have planned weddings in museums, gardens, galleries and hotels. But the weddings that are the most memorable are the ones I planned at private homes.

I enjoy live music and live sports. I root hard for my hometown teams. I sometimes attempt crossword puzzles, fantasy football leagues, DIY crafts and baking. I volunteer on behalf of homeless dogs and at-risk kids. I love hanging out with other wedding people, enjoying a nice glass of wine and eating smelly cheese.

Real Advice Most Appreciated by Real Brides & Grooms | Janice Carnevale of Bellwether Events from Bowen Films on Vimeo.