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Real Tent: Flooring, AC and more…

I was recently doing a walk through at Strathmore Mansion, which is a venue that I love, and I stumbled upon the skeleton of a big tent that was in the process of being taken down. I couldn’t help but

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Weather Week Redux: Installing Your Tent

Hello friends, I am back to briefly discuss weather week, as I wanted to remind you who is setting up your tent in the rain so that you and your guests have an awesome and dry party! Much love to

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Installations for Your Backyard Wedding

You need to have an in depth conversation with your tent company about the installation of your tent or tents. It will take at least a day and possibly up to a week to install everything, depending on a number

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Do You Need a Tent for Your At-Home Wedding?

While you do not have to have any tents at your at-home wedding, there are a number of different places where they can come in handy. Most people hosting weddings at home choose to have at least one tent. Even

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Permits and Ordinances for Your Backyard Wedding

Before holding an event at home, you may be required to get a permit for your tent – and possibly more. These can vary from region to region, so check your local ordinances and make sure all of your bases

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Sample Floor Plans for Your Tented Wedding

You will likely get a tent for your backyard wedding reception area.  Your tent provider or your caterer will be able to help you with your tent floor plan, but I wanted to go over the basics with you. A

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