Advice for tenting your wedding

wedding advice: tents

As I mentioned last week, I’ve partnered with United With Love to bring you a monthly blog series about ┬áplanning your home wedding! My first installment was all about your backyard space and wedding budgets – super sexy, right? I know, I know, but these are the necessary first steps when planning your wedding. Once you get these details nailed down, you can start on more fun things. More specifically, I recommend moving on to booking your wedding tent!

wedding tent

This is likely going to be a big piece of your wedding budget, so it is important to figure out early on. I share all kinds of introductory information on wedding tents so that you aren’t walking into

wedding tents


Top photo by Katie Stoops. Bottom photo by Michelle Lindsay – you can see more from that Virginia wedding: wedding preparations, the poolside reception and the tented celebration.